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Trading Education

Learn to trade with and take your trading knowledge and confidence to the next level. Whatever your trading experience, our expert analysts and market writers can help you navigate a range of market conditions and trading styles, setting you on the road to consistent trading.


Foundational Trading Knowledge

Just starting out? Begin your trading education with our Foundational Trading Knowledge course. Learn about a variety of markets like foreign exchange, commodities and equities and how they operate. Discover the right trading style for you and get to grips with key trading processes and market psychology


Introduction to Technical Analysis

Technical analysis is useful for navigating the constantly-changing financial markets and for processing the wealth of information coming your way. In this trading course, you can master the basics of chart reading, and learn how technical indicators, time frame analysis and sentiment analysis can assist with buy/sell decisions.


Trading Strategies and Risk Management

In our most advanced part of our trading course, you will learn how the concepts introduced in earlier modules are utilized in 'real world' scenarios. Moving from the theoretical to the practical, articles cover a range of technical indicators and their application, risk management, and how price action analysis can support a technical approach.

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